A star has brought a land of 50 acres investing a huge money


A noted star has brought a land of 50 acres in Telangana state. Also mentioned that the star has invested a huge money in getting this 50 acres of land. The land was nearly 60 kilometres far form the city. This huge land was brought with the intention of building a studio, a farm  house and many . Few say that the star has come to know the value of the land in the future . This made him  invest such a huge money.


Added to this, a popular politician of the respective state has also brought a huge land very near to the star’s land. This is leading to several doubts amongst the local residents and the real estate dealers.  The rates of the plots in this area have become too high compared to the value of plots in the city . This led the people into confusion of whether to invest in that specified area or not.

Let’s wait and see what’s going to happen in the region and who the star and the politician were…


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