The Truth Behind Sobhan Babu And Jayalalitha Affair

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Rumours are the biggest parts of any film industry. But there are few rumours those sounds to be true. This rumour is one of such kind.

In the past there was a rumour that Sobhan Babu And Jayalalitha had an affair. But this was clarified with the interview by the Lyricist and writer Aarudra’s wife Rama Lakshmi, whose explosive interview is shaking the internet.
She quoted, “Sobhan Babu never had an affair with Jayalalitha as rumoured. They both are good souls. But with Sobhan’s wife not an attractive woman with fatso look, people linked him to Jayalalitha with whom he has done many films. But Sobhan Babu never wanted to cheat his wife, otherwise, she would have easily fallen for him”.
That clarifies that Sobhan Babu is a gentleman and never had any affair with anyone, not just Jayalalitha. A rare quality indeed if we have to believe the other stories (rumours) we hear about other stars.

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